Friday, July 16, 2010

My Sweet Little Girl

While camping in Santa Cruz last week, Eden loved the s'mores! I don't know if this is her first time eating them or if she had some last year when we were there. Either way, she was very happy! (I didn't tell her that they usually have chocolate :)

This is Eden pushing Elly in the stroller. She didn't want to turn around for the camera because she was focusing.
Here it was hard for me to keep up. She wanted to RUN!
...and run!
After all that running, she was exhausted on the drive home. She (and Elly) slept almost the entire way.

Playing dress-up with Auntie Sara's shoes.

I know this is weird. She wanted to use the newspapers as a "sleeping bag" and "camp" in the living room. Hmm.